We invite you to imagine what the heart of Seattle could look like in 20 years. We are seeking your vision for great streets, lively public places, and better ways to get there. We are excited to hear your ideas both big and small!

Imagine Greater Downtown is a partnership between the City of Seattle, King County Metro, Downtown Seattle Association and Sound Transit. We need your creative concepts to develop a vision for 2035. Let’s imagine the future together.

Share your thoughts!

Based on your suggestions so far, we've drafted a set of Big Ideas to shape the future of greater downtown. Take a look and tell us what you think!

Map showing the 10 downtown neighborhoods which include Uptown, South Lake Union, Capitol Hill, Belltown, Denny Triangle, Pike and Pine Streets, First Hill, Commercial Core, Pioneer Square, and Chinatown International District

Share your thoughts

Using the suggestions you've shared, we've crafted a set of creative ideas to inspire the future of public places, shared streets, and better ways to get around Seattle’s 10 greater downtown neighborhoods. View our Big Ideas and share your thoughts! We’ll use your feedback to refine, combine and compile these Big Ideas into the vision plan for the future of greater downtown, which we plan to finalize by this summer.

Over the last four months, you’ve shared your experiences and creative ideas online, at our public open house, via our community Advisory Group, and through pop-up events and focused conversations. View a full list of all the community events we’ve held so far. We’ve taken what we heard from you to draft our Big Ideas and create our project Vision and Values, which guide the project.

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Share your feedback on our draft Big Ideas for the future of greater downtown

These Big Ideas are based on the suggestions we heard from you – let us know what you think!


Imagine Greater Downtown is all about people

Today there are more than 90,000 people living and almost 300,000 people working in Seattle’s 10 greater downtown neighborhoods. By 2035 there will be close to 138,000 residents and 320,000 jobs.

Within greater downtown 40% of land is used for streets and sidewalks and 6% is public park space – the rest supports buildings or other functions.

As we continue to grow, how will we use our streets, sidewalks and public spaces to create great places for people of all ages and cultures to play, interact or just hang out? How will people get to where they need to go, and what will our streets look like? We need your help in coming up with ideas big and small.

Illustration showing trees and a bench representing 6 percent of public park space and an illustration of a person walking on a sidewalk with a car driving by representing 40 percent street and sidewalks.







Job source: Washington State Employment Security Department Covered Employment, then adjusted to include ‘non-covered’ jobs.
Population source: Washington State Office of Financial Management, Small Area

Project and outreach timeline



Project beginsheart icon

Find key issues and opportunities

Website launchcomment bubble icon

Ideas collected via interactive map and photo/image sharing

Community outreach

  • Education about the project
  • Idea collection
  • Identify opportunities for participation

Sept - Dec

Identify and refine Big Ideas and Transformative Movesheart icon

Determine key ideas and how to assess them

Website updatecomment bubble icon

Post online survey and continue idea collection

Community outreach

  • Pop-up field outreach
  • Targeted engagement
  • Public workshops
  • Feedback on big ideas and transformative moves


Jan - Feb

Prioritize big ideasheart icon

Community outreach

  • Feedback on plan including prioritizing key moves
  • February public open house

Website updatecomment bubble icon

Mar - May

Imagine Greater Downtown Planheart icon

Website updatecomment bubble icon

Post plan

What can you imagine?

Help us develop a set of creative ideas to inspire the future of public places, shared streets, and better ways to get around Seattle’s 10 downtown neighborhoods. What do you want to see? Sharing is easy:

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Imagination Map

Thank you to everyone who shared ideas via our imagination map. We used these suggestions to help create our draft Big Ideas for greater downtown. Click on the bubbles on the map below to read many of the suggestions that were submitted and share your feedback on the Big Ideas they informed!

For a better mobile experience, visit the map at Social Pinpoint to share your ideas.


Imagine Greater Downtown is a partnership between the City of Seattle, King County Metro, Downtown Seattle Association and Sound Transit, in collaboration with the Port of Seattle and the Washington State Department of Transportation. Join us at an upcoming event and sign up for the mailing list to receive project updates.

Past events

Open House

Thursday, October 18, 5:30-7:30 PM
Seattle City Hall, Bertha Knight Landes Room
Missed the open house? View the display boards here.

Advisory Group Meetings

Thursday, November 8, 6-8 PM
Waterfront Space

Thursday, September 20, 6-8 PM
Waterfront Space

Thursday, July 26, 6-8 PM
City Hall

Advisory Group

The Imagine Greater Downtown Advisory Group is made up of nearly 30 community members. Advisory Group participants were selected based upon the unique interests, backgrounds, and perspectives they bring to the conversation. The Advisory Group is working with the partner agencies to make sure that Imagine Greater Downtown considers and reflects the many communities that live, work, and play in downtown Seattle.

Previous Meeting Materials

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Email: info@imaginegreaterdowntown.org


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