Stitch the Highway Divides

Reconnect neighborhoods and remedy the freeway impacts

The vision

  • Neighborhoods formerly divided by I-5 are reconnected
  • Barriers and gaps are filled to create new public spaces
  • Public-private partnerships are leveraged to create new open space and infrastructure
  • I-5 traffic impacts are reduced (noise, pollution, visual, etc.)

How we'd get there

Expand the lid over I-5 in one or more places


  • Expand the lid over I-5 between Denny and Madison

Transform I-5 underpasses into inviting spaces that serve community-identified needs


  • Jackson Street, King Street, Cherry and James Streets in Chinatown-International District

Complete the community’s vision for the Melrose Promenade


  • Create a walkable, tree-lined pedestrian walkway that hides the view and noise of I-5

Create new and improve existing walking connections over I-5


  • Madison, Denny, Boren, Eastlake/Belmont etc., especially north of Denny
  • Thomas Street Greenway expansion

How we strive for equity

  • Neighborhoods formerly divided by I-5 are reconnected
  • I-5 traffic impacts are reduced (noise, pollution, visual, etc.)
  • Prioritize the Chinatown-International District connectivity and lift up community visions

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What we've heard

  • Neighboring communities and stakeholders need to have a strong voice in determining what happens with the lid
  • It’s unpleasant and challenging to cross I-5 over and under current street connections especially for people who are mobility impaired

Great examples from Seattle and beyond

 Image looking down the center of a city park path lined with trees and a tunnel-like sculpture. In the foreground is a table and set of chairs as well as a garbage can and benches in between the trees. On the arches, hang large lanterns that look like golf balls. It seems like a space that is designed for day and nighttime use.

Klyde Warren Park in Dallas, TX covers the Woodall Rogers Freeway and offers free year-round events and programs open to the public.
Photo credit: Tim Stoll

Photo showing a waterway passing through a canal with lush green foliage and pedestrian walkways on either side. Further along there are bridges of different sizes connecting the sides. In the background are half a dozen skyscrapers and what looks like an outdoor plaza with seating.

City of Cheonggyecheon, Seoul exposed a creek that had been previously covered by a freeway. It has received international praise for a pedestrian greenway along a restored habitat.
Photo credit: Francisco Anzola

A public park with large grass field, surrounded by trees, seating and buildings of different sizes and colors. A clocktower dwarfs the other in height. The top half of the image is clear blue skies with dispersed clouds.

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway in Boston, MA is public park which connects several downtown neighborhoods featuring landscaped gardens, promenades, plazas, fountains and art.
Photo credit: Paul Geffen